Bus 37 South London Coffee Crawl

The number 37 Bus an institution that moves Putney to Peckham,  Brixton to Battersea Rise, The Wandle to East Dulwich. It also happens to be a great bus for coffee south of the river.

All aboard,  first stop..

1, 80 Stone Coffee / Chairs + Coffee have an espresso or pour over from here and grab a bag of coffee roasted on a vintage hand built Italian roaster. Run by Simone and Roberto the nicest guys in the industry. These two may be from a linage of Italian espresso bar owners,  running shots pulled on a 1960s Faema E61 but they are 100% modern in their approach to speciality coffee.

2, Doctor Espresso #3 an old school Italian Deli and Espresso Machine Collection.Travel back in time when drinking the Doctors traditional Italian espresso. Then take a wander through the ages as this is the most comprehensive selection of Espresso machines on display to the public anywhere.  So much chrome, selfie addicts be sure to have phones set to instagram.

3, The Black Chapel inventor of the flat white and preacher to the choir all under a looming 17 century Huguenot Chapel.

4, Story Coffee has topped all the lists and broken all the apps since its inception. A Kees Vanderwestern Machine dispensing Square Mile and the like. A coffee house of the future.

Story is the best coffee option if you are Clapham junctioning. But you aren’t,  you’re on the number 37. Get back on the bus.

5, 7oz is the newest opening on this list, but well worth the 10 minute walk from the south entrance of the Clapham Common bunkers to the north entrance which is just adjacent to husband and wife team’s 7oz Coffee. An authentic new family run business that has an obsessive eye for detail to coffee execution.


6, Old Spike Coffee Roasters a social enterprise to help those out of work back into work with barista training. Roasting great coffee on a modern probat. It’s sister location in Camberwell Spike + Earl will also be offering training and employment to homeless people with the aim of creating positive change in the community.

So ends the bus ride. But don’t worry the 37 runs 24hrs so you’ll be able to get the same one back.