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Dutch Aeropress Champs ’17

The Dutch coffee scene is represented with a wide slice from commodity to the best of specialty. And despite or maybe because of this, the Dutch are a tight crew. The sponsorship of the Aeropress Champs by an espresso machine  demonstrates this elegantly.

Oh shit, do the dutch know how to party. No better party this week at Amsterdam Coffee Festival than the Dutch Aeropress Championships. Kim and Gabe make for a wicked MCs, top bants. I would book them to host your next competition.

Smack down style 34 participants eventually Jonatan Scheeper took home dutch gold and will represent the Netherlands later this year at the World AeroPress Championship in Seoul (South Korea). Second was Milad Feroegh and Erik Oosthuis went with the third prize.

the party was great, floor filling hits all night long. Some great break dancing. 

Thank you to the Dutch for making me so welcome.